Friday, March 9, 2012

To many ideas, The Devil's DOR, and a random Mr. Machine sketch

I have more decent ideas then time. I'm sure most people are that way. If we all had machines we could plug into our brains that would instantly materialize our ideas into reality, we would all be really productive I'm sure. But, we don't have those awesome machines, and I'm glad we don't in a way. Its part of an art or trade to master the tools of that trade. But back on point, I have a lot of ideas, all mostly undeveloped, which is the hard part.

This is an idea i came up with a year ago or so, I was trying to bounce around and develop the whole idea into something marketable. I've never really made any of this public, but considering this is my sketchbook, and nothing here needs to be finished, I think its worth posting. This shows in some ways what I feel our my strongest skills, visualizing an entire world, seeing the big picture and being able to be a jack of all trades when i need to be. The art's not that great, but even there, i think it shows more of what i really want to be doing, a digital comic style that blends 2d/3d/textures etc in an interesting way.

Here's the Link to read the scriptment, It's short and to the point, but it gives a good feel for what this is about..

Read the script-
The Devil's Dor (c)2011 CmChapman

Here's the unfinished model I'm building for the main set, if you read the script, this should make some sense.

These are some of the character sketches I did, These all could use redesign, I did them all pretty fast and am not entirely happy with them. I do like using 2d textures in this style though, i like playing with flatness, I hope to come up with some cool styles playing with this in my comics.

So, Its still in very early stage of development, but its a fun idea I think. If i had time and could maintain interest in ideas longer i would come back to this, but the thing is, I have better ideas, that excite me more and its a constant struggle where to direct my energy. Hopefully this gets easier at some point.

And last but not least, This is a random Mr machine sketch i did last year. I just found it. I'll post more info on this guy later.

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