Monday, March 19, 2012

The Da Vinci Dino Racer

Well, I haven't posted much these past two weeks, I've still been working on value, But I've been thinking more about line quality lately. I have a few ideas on how to fix the problem digitally, and if all else fails I'm going back to sharpe fine points and paper.

This week i finally entered an "of the Week" contest at, I've wanted to for awhile, but I usually give up at some point and never submit anything, knowing the competition will be amazing. The industrial design contest does seem to struggle for entries though and I had a good idea this week, only problem was I didn't check the forum until 2 days before the deadline.

Premise-  Renaissance Dinosaur Wagon
This week we are traveling to an alternate Renaissance in a world where dinosaurs never went extinct. This is the golden era of man's discoveries- the transfer of knowledge of art, science and philosophy from east and west has been sparked by the crusades, and the great thinkers of the time are moving forwards in great leaps and bounds. During the dark ages, dinosaurs experienced a surge of population growth as stock owners died, their herds and flocks went feral. As the people expired of plague, they increased carnivore food supplies, as well as decreasing territorial, foraging and hunting competition. However, society by this point has largely rebounded and moved onward. Some dinosaurs continue to be stock animals, some continue to run feral.

1) Clearly state the type of dinosaur we are dealing with. Pick a specific variety- T-rex for lack of something more imaginative.

2) State how the dinosaur fits in the human social realm. Is it a rich noblewoman's lapdog equivalent? A rampaging terror on the peasants? This should direct what type of wagon this is.

3) Remember- this will not be the rough and unsophisticated item that would be created in Medieval times. This should be a wagon in keeping with the new, "modern" times.

So here's what i did...

1st sketch-
2nd iteration-
final submission-

 Commissioned by the Pope to make the treacherous passage between Rome and Florence in less than a day, The Da Vinci dino racer was the fastest vehicle of its time. Powered by three Ornithomimus', the racer was capable of a constant speed of around 70 Mph, and a top speed of over a 100 mph, easily outpacing the fastest predators of the day.

 So we'll see what happens, so far there's only one other entry, and the deadline is any time now. The next one is a special contest, being its the 200th one they've had. We get a month for this and I'm going to really spend some time on this, I have a cool idea, and an entire month to make a decent painting...wish me luck, lol! (there's actual prizes this time too, so the competition will will be fierce!)

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