Thursday, March 1, 2012

1st post

Welcome to my Sketchbook! My name is C.M. Chapman, and i am an artist. I feel the act of creation is an amazing thing, a divine pursuit that can take any form. I Have drawn since i was very small, my earliest robot in my baby book is dated to age 3. I made my first comic around the same age, 4 or 5. The combination of storytelling and the visual medium have been the course of my life, that is, when i was on course! I have had many turns in my life, I have always had a need to understand.. everything. I think this is the way of a good artist, to stir emotion and to change reality, and to do that, one needs to understand some pretty abstract concepts about the human condition and the universe. I feel a strong dedication to do good with my life, to change things for the better anyway i can. I hope to create science fiction that is positive and helps bring us to the next step in our journey in this galaxy. I get pretty deep bout this kind of stuff.

The past several years i have been attempting to bring an ambition to reality, learning to paint digitally and model in 3d have been my goals. Recently I have began to focus more on painting and getting back to the basics. I have always used line art, comic style, and i have always made excuses about improving my talents, because "i didn't need to know that for my style". I have realized that understanding lighting and color are just as important as learning new programs. This epiphany has really brought things together for me, I want to draw and sketch constantly now, where as before, i felt a massive creative block holding me back.

So, this brings me to where I am now, I want to improve my art anyway i can,  I want to spend the next couple years preparing myself for art school. I am really interested in The Art Department. I could earn a degree in 2 years working with some of the best artists in the world, this excites the hell out of me. I hope that would eventually lead to some nice freelance work and i could hopefully get some of my ideas published.

I have a lot of high hopes, and i think this blog marks the beginning of the next phase in my evolution, There's a lot of work ahead, i need to draw any chance i get, and learn like its going out of style, but right now it feels great, i have shed a lot of fear and self doubt and i am ready to do the diligence.

I'll be posting a lot of drawings so please stop by often, thanks!

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