Friday, March 23, 2012

A little bit better, a little bit faster...

Sometimes "aw-hah!" moments feel more like "duuuuhhh" moments. This was the case when i recently increased the active drawing area on my wacom. I had turned it down because i thought i preferred it that way, and at one time i know i did. I had used it that way so long, i think i partially forgot i could even change it. Recently though the lack of control had been really bothering me, and suddenly it hit me. The change was instant, the sensitivity is so much higher now, its great.

I finished this drawing in around 12 hours I think. Which is pretty good for me right now, considering how much i repaint, plan and struggle. This went pretty smoothly though, and mostly its because of the new larger working area. Glad I've got this out of the way! :P

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