Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Older stuff

This is all random stuff from the past few years.

One of the first models I  built in sketchup. Rendered with the old hypershot.

This model became a project for awhile. you can see the torso stay basically the same, but i was trying to kit bash the legs together. This was a great learning experience, but looking back on it, I dislike the results, I want to refine the legs still.
This is the last version of the model i did. The weapons systems are kinda cool, The futuristic "Taser" on his left arm works using a Nano-particulate. So for crowd control, if you have hostiles mixed with peaceful protesters, nano particles would float out and adhere to a the hostiles, a charge would then be shot from the gun, traveling in a chain effect from one nano particulate to the other, thus taking the hostile with them in the process.
This is the second model i ever made.

Idea for a logo.
Nanotree #1

Old drawing of Mr. Machine. This is one of the first things i ever tried to paint digitally. I started with a scan from a sketchbook, then, at the time i had some super cheap drawing tablet i had paid $20 for, it was terrible. But, it was a start.
Another old attempt with a bad tablet.
This is a vinyl wrap design I did for pro bass fisherman Bill Rae's boat. This paid for my Intuos4 L and art pen, cha-ching! :) Thanks again Bill!
Another really old model, this guy was actually rigged for sketchyphysics, so it could move and rotate at selected joints.
And a redesign, kit bashing old and new together, this should have 4 legs...lol.

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