Saturday, March 24, 2012

Of man and machine

When I was 15 i came up with a character that stuck. He is kind of my comic alter ego. I did 1 issue back then, and ever since he's just been in sketches and in my mind. The development of this story has come along way since he was just out to rob banks for the fun of it, pulp fiction had just come out, and the image of bruce willis fleeing for his life played heavily into his early makeup. Now Mr machine is a metaphor for the nature of life itself. What is alive? What is the next step of evolution? What will it take to bring equilibrium back to our civilization? Theses are the topics I want to explore in this series. Set to the back drop of a civil war in America, the poor (les miserables) versus a corporate government bent on absolute control.

 I don't want to give it all away, but I want to give a little teaser. I've put this off for along time, waiting until my skills were to the level i wanted. I'm getting closer and getting a little excited I guess.

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